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August 10, 2012

@needaproperty Thanks for the great tweet and so sorry i missed it before. Been away from twitter for a couple of weeks – my bad.

Gordon & Rumsby: Why A Professional Valuation Is So Important

May 12, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby Estate Agents: Getting ready to sell your home.

Why A Professional Valuation Is So Important.

Selling your home can be stressful, but there are things you can do to minimize this.

First of all, ask yourself if you really want or need to move?

We often hear from would be vendors, who say they might try the market at a high price that they are hoping to achieve. This can lead to marketing an overpriced property that languishes on the market for months or more. Buyers get to know the property and assume it is overpriced or perceive there must be something wrong with the house because it is still on the market week after week. Buyers don’t look for the most expensive house! They look to get the best value for their money.

If you are sure you want to move, then the best thing you can do is to get a valuation from a professional estate agent who will make a comparative analysis of similar properties in your area to establish a fair market value.

Evaluating a home is not an exact science as homes and locations differ so much, so be sure to ask an agent with plenty of experience in your area.

Then take their advice about the selling price.

At this point, do your sums and make sure that the proceeds of the sale will be enough to allow you fulfill your future plans. If it’s not looking good, you may need to rethink the whole project. There’s no point in putting the property on the market at an inflated price. It frustrates the vendor when there are no viewings, gives the vendor false hope for their future plans, annoys buyers and generally wastes time for all involved.

At Gordon & Rumsby, we are as careful as possible to give you an accurate valuation of your home. We love getting referrals and recommendations from satisfied clients.

If you are considering a move and would like to have a no-obligation valuation/appraisal of your home in East Devon or West Dorset please contact us through our Free Valuation Page, or call us on 01297 553768. We shall be happy to chat, advise you and help you accomplish your goal.

Gordon & Rumsby: Property Market Update

May 5, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby Estate Agents In Devon & Dorset

Property Market Update

According to the latest statistics, the average house price increased in the UK by 0.3% in the year from February 2011 to February 2012.

The London and the South East market are mainly responsible for the gain in England, as the rest of the country edged downwards.  Northern Ireland suffered a substantial drop in their average house price.

  • England +0.4%
  • Scotland + 1.1%
  • Wales -0.5%
  • Northern Ireland -9.7%

Mortgage lending in March 2012 was up a whopping 30% on the previous month and 17% higher than March 2011. The increased activity can probably be attributed to buyers rushing to beat the stamp duty holiday deadline on March 24th. So it will be interesting to see if the activity continues or if it starts to slide again.

Interest rates are still low, so this may help, but what happens when the rates start to go up again? Lenders are offering more two, three and five-year fixed loans, but almost virtually none that are fixed long-term. Wouldn’t it be great if they offered 30 year fixed loans like they do in the US!

The consumer organization ‘Which?‘ has come forward to say that consumers need more protection against unreasonable interest rate rises, and that lenders and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) should do more to allow homeowners to fix their payments, and not take advantage of a borrower who can’t move to another lender. ‘Which?’ believes that there should be more competition within the lending market.

Contact Us @ Gordon & Rumsby on the website or call 01297 553768

Gordon & Rumsby: Choosing A Great Estate Agent

April 27, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby: Great Estate Agent In Devon & Dorset

Choosing Your Estate Agent

If you are new to our blog,  Gordon & Rumsby welcome you to the site and hope you will find it informative. Choosing the right estate agent can be tricky unless you have been recommended by someone you know well. It is worth asking to read the company’s testimonials, to get a feeling of the character of the company. We receive many testimonials in the course of our work and you can find a few of them below.

It is our goal to provide excellent customer service to Buyers and Sellers alike. 

For those of you selling your home, we will represent to the public an honest description (in plain language) of your home. So when we take on your property, be sure to tell us all the reasons why you have enjoyed the property, any improvements you have made, and all the cool gadgets that might impress a buyer, but are not necessarily obvious at a first glance.

It is always a good idea to be upfront with any negative aspect too. For example, if your house is adjacent to the local airport, it’s worth saying so. To trick a buyer into viewing it by not saying so, will only annoy them and send them away. The buyer who comes to view, despite the airport, is a serious buyer.

For those of you buying a home, we will treat you honestly and fairly as we would want to be treated, and provide you with all the details that we know about a property for you to make an informed decision to purchase. It is in our interest to do so, as you may also one day become a seller.


Thank you very much for your help with selling CR and for putting up with my worries. Selling houses is always disturbing, and does not always turn out as expected. Peter and I had never sold to the first person to view the property. J.B.

Many thanks for selling Jim’s flat. From the initial valuation we appreciated that, as only over 55’s can live at the property, it would be a limited market, and the recent economic situation obviously did not help. This did not deter you in any way and you were always very professional, efficient and nice to deal with. Having already recommended you to several people we will have no hesitation in using your agency when we come to sell our own home. Many thanks again for an excellent service and a job well done. I & J.

I am writing a belated thank you for all the hard work related to sale of my Mum’s house in Lyme Regis. As circumstances forced my mum to sell, you made a potentially distressing time much easier for us. You spent time explaining the process to her and re-assuring her every step of the way. You showed patience and professionalism at every stage – providing appropriate and sensible advice when needed.

Your enthusiasm as an estate agent and for the house itself was obvious, and I’m sure this would have increased the number of viewings and offers we subsequently received. The whole process took just over three months from the initial advertising to completion. We appreciated that you were always honest with us and provided us with a truly individual and personalised service. You have been consistently friendly and efficient.  I don’t imagine that many other estate agents would have invested the same amount of time in this sale as you did. Your rates are also favourable! I am strongly recommending you by word of mouth to anyone in the process of buying or selling in the area. You are welcome to include this letter in you portfolio of recommendations. L.E.

Thank you so much for being such helpful, nice and fun lady estate agents! We have waited a long time for a home in Lyme Regis, and you have played a large part in making our dream come true. With our very best wishes for your future success. A & P.

For a free market evaluation of your home call us on 01297  553768, or on our Contact Us page at here at Gordon & Rumsby.

Gordon & Rumsby: Checklist For Change Of Address

April 20, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby Estate Agents In Devon & Dorset.

Checklist for Change of Address Notification.

At Gordon & Rumsby we sometimes find that buyers and sellers forget to notify people of their change of address and phone number. It can be easily overlooked in the excitement or stress of moving.

Here is a checklist of some of the most important people or organisations that you should notify once you have exchanged contracts.

Do not notify people prior to exchange, just in case the sale falls through.

  • Utility companies: Gas, Electric, Oil & Water. Give the companies at least 48 hours notice. More if possible. They will need to read the meters (where applicable) and you should keep a note of the readings too, to check them against your bills. When you move into a new home, you normally take on the utility company from the previous occupier of the property. You can choose to use a different company after that, but you will have to give notice of about 28 days to close the old account.
  • Telephone Company: Landline, Broadband, Mobile if applicable.
  • Bank Accounts and other Investments such as Company Shares
  • Credit Cards
  • Council Tax Office. You can find your local office on the Government Website.
  • Electoral Register. You will have to register again.
  • DVLA. Click here.
  • TV Licensing. Click here.
  • Insurance Companies
  • Doctor & Dentist
  • Family & Friends
  • School. If you’re moving house but not changing schools for the children, don’t forget this one.

If you’ve got any others we can add to the list, get in touch with us at Gordon & Rumsby. Look forward to hearing from you!

Gordon & Rumsby:Tips For Staging Your Home

April 13, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby: Estate Agents In Devon & Dorset.

Tips For Staging Your Home:

With spring well on the way, it’s a good time to take stock of your home, especially if it has been on the market over the winter and it has not sold. At Gordon & Rumsby we see homes in a variety of different conditions, and although it’s not the first time we have offered these tips, we feel it is good customer service to offer helpful pointers to increase your chances of selling.

Tips For Staging Your Home:

  1. Clean and tidy: An obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t. An untidy or dirty home can put a buyer off as soon as they enter the property. It could be visual or it could be smell.
  2. Get rid of the clutter: A prospective buyer finds it much easier to imagine themselves living in your home if they are able to visualise their own furniture in the rooms. It is hard to do this if the room is bursting at the seams with family photos, knickknacks, trophies and piles of Sunday newspapers.
  3. Create Space: If you have some oversized pieces of furniture or a lot of chairs in the living room, it may benefit you to store some pieces away to give your home a more spacious feel, and a better ‘flow’.
  4. Function: Make sure the rooms look like what they’re intended for. For example, the dining room is a place to eat and entertain, not the place for your exercise bike; the patio is a place to relax not a place to store the children’s toys.
  5. Atmosphere: Put out the rubbish; open the window; use an air freshener if necessary; smokers and pet owners will have to work harder at this. Pull the curtains back to let in  as much natural light as possible. If the room is still dark put a light on when a viewing is scheduled.  You could set the dining table as for a meal or place fresh flowers. Make the beds and scatter a few cushions. Even if you have an old bathroom, you can make it more appealing by buying new colourful matching towels and bath mats.
  6. Landscape: Mow the lawn, do some weeding, clip the hedges and put some colourful flowers by the front door. Landscaping can be an inexpensive way attract buyers through the door.

Getting rid of the clutter is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, especially if your house is small. Since you intend to move in a few months, get some cardboard boxes and start packing away some of those knickknacks on the mantlepiece; recycle the old newspapers; put the packed boxes wherever you can in the garage, the loft, the wardrobe or under the bed.

For a valuation and some advice you can contact Gordon & Rumsby on 01297 553768 or through the Gordon & Rumsby Contact Page of the website. We will give you our straight forward opinion (in the nicest possible way) on how to stage your property to sell.

Gordon & Rumsby: 2012 Budget Changes To Stamp Duty

April 6, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby Estate Agents: Wishing You Happy Easter 2012.

2012 Changes To Stamp Duty.

If you buy property in the UK over a certain value you have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). This is charged on all purchases of houses, flats and other land and buildings.

Stamp Duty Land Tax thresholds changed in March 2012 for homes over £2 million, and the first time buyer’s relief has ended. The following is the new amount of SDLT that buyers of residential property in the UK will now pay:

Purchase price:

  • £125,000 and under: no stamp duty.
  • £125,001 – £250,000: 1% stamp duty.
  • £250,001 -£500,000: 3% stamp duty.
  • £500,001 -£1,000,000:  4% stamp duty.
  • £1,000,001 – £2,000,000: 5% stamp duty.
  • £2,000,000 plus: 7% stamp duty.

And residential homes over £2m bought ‘into a corporate envelope’ will have to pay 15% Stamp Duty.

A buyer will have 30 days from completion to pay the tax.

Contact Gordon & Rumsby on 01297 553768 or 01460 30888 or through our Contact Us Page.