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Gordon & Rumsby: Activity Up, But Act Fast For Great Mortgage Deals

February 24, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby: Estate Agents In Dorset, Devon & Somerset

Activity Up, But Act Fast For Great Mortgage Deals

At Gordon & Rumsby, we have seen an increase in activity over the last month, with many more new applicants looking for property and an increase in viewings too. In fact our diary has been very busy.

We are still finding that would-be buyers are experiencing difficulties in securing a mortgage, and banks are still being cautious about lending while they try to put their businesses back on track. At the height of the property boom there were 12,000 mortgage deals on offer to the public compared to 3,000 today.

The good news, however, is that those 3,000 represent double what was on offer in 2009.

The not so good news is that new mortgage deals only stay on offer for an average of 27 days, which means the really good deals go much faster.

If you are looking for a mortgage at the present time, you have to operate fast to secure a mortgage-in-principle.

One thing that you can do to help yourself, is to apply through a mortgage broker. Brokers are usually in personal contact with the lender’s decision makers, so can iron out any wrinkles in your application in a timely manner and secure a deal quite quickly.

If you are a first-time Buyer, you can get a free Mortgage Guide from Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert Website. In fact it’s not just for first-time buyers, it is chock full of information for anyone about to apply for a mortgage, including buy-to-let buyers and self-employed buyers.

If you are looking to buy in West Dorset, East Devon & South Somerset give us a call at Gordon & Rumsby on 01460 30888. We might have a property waiting to come to the market that’s not on the website yet, and we can put you in touch with some mortgage brokers too.

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