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Gordon & Rumsby:Tips For Staging Your Home

April 13, 2012

Gordon & Rumsby: Estate Agents In Devon & Dorset.

Tips For Staging Your Home:

With spring well on the way, it’s a good time to take stock of your home, especially if it has been on the market over the winter and it has not sold. At Gordon & Rumsby we see homes in a variety of different conditions, and although it’s not the first time we have offered these tips, we feel it is good customer service to offer helpful pointers to increase your chances of selling.

Tips For Staging Your Home:

  1. Clean and tidy: An obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t. An untidy or dirty home can put a buyer off as soon as they enter the property. It could be visual or it could be smell.
  2. Get rid of the clutter: A prospective buyer finds it much easier to imagine themselves living in your home if they are able to visualise their own furniture in the rooms. It is hard to do this if the room is bursting at the seams with family photos, knickknacks, trophies and piles of Sunday newspapers.
  3. Create Space: If you have some oversized pieces of furniture or a lot of chairs in the living room, it may benefit you to store some pieces away to give your home a more spacious feel, and a better ‘flow’.
  4. Function: Make sure the rooms look like what they’re intended for. For example, the dining room is a place to eat and entertain, not the place for your exercise bike; the patio is a place to relax not a place to store the children’s toys.
  5. Atmosphere: Put out the rubbish; open the window; use an air freshener if necessary; smokers and pet owners will have to work harder at this. Pull the curtains back to let in  as much natural light as possible. If the room is still dark put a light on when a viewing is scheduled.  You could set the dining table as for a meal or place fresh flowers. Make the beds and scatter a few cushions. Even if you have an old bathroom, you can make it more appealing by buying new colourful matching towels and bath mats.
  6. Landscape: Mow the lawn, do some weeding, clip the hedges and put some colourful flowers by the front door. Landscaping can be an inexpensive way attract buyers through the door.

Getting rid of the clutter is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, especially if your house is small. Since you intend to move in a few months, get some cardboard boxes and start packing away some of those knickknacks on the mantlepiece; recycle the old newspapers; put the packed boxes wherever you can in the garage, the loft, the wardrobe or under the bed.

For a valuation and some advice you can contact Gordon & Rumsby on 01297 553768 or through the Gordon & Rumsby Contact Page of the website. We will give you our straight forward opinion (in the nicest possible way) on how to stage your property to sell.

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